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26 December 2009 @ 07:29 pm
it's like everytime the sidewalk cracked or you knocked me down
my face fell flat but i got up again.
a worried crease and a tear stained shirt
what do you leave me with?
if you'll never understand i'll understand
maybe just keep walking-running-walking (dying) till the road isn't only mine anymore
until i find a pair of arms a pair of eyes (a single heart) that i cannot refuse
resting in comfortable silence. words too heavy to be said.
in utterly unperfect circumstances
in flawed happiness
maybe i've already found it
maybe i'm naive and unaware
maybe the future scares me too much for words and all i can do is sit here and pray and hope for the best because God will guide me and hold my hand through it all.
there is no fear in love
but perfect love drives out fear
john 4:18